Providing Hope and Stability: Marang House, a Haven for Seriously Ill Children

The reality for children suffering from chronic illnesses is a harsh one. Many families simply cannot afford the constant medical care, supervision, and suitable environment required for their children's well-being. The road to overcoming these illnesses seems like an uphill battle, filled with daily routines of testing, dialysis, and the uncertain waiting game for organ transplants. In 1998, Marang House emerged as a beacon of hope, dedicated to bringing light into the lives of South Africa's seriously ill children.

Marang House provides a nurturing home environment for children between the ages of 4 and 14, empowering them to learn and manage their illnesses. These children face serious health conditions that demand continuous monitoring and specialized treatments at a tertiary hospital. Within our facilities, we can accommodate up to 12 children, offering not just essential provisions like clothes, housing, and food, but also round-the-clock medical care. Importantly, we ensure that their education remains a priority by bringing them to the hospital daily, where they receive disease management training alongside traditional schooling.

Beyond addressing each child's unique health and wellness needs, Marang House is committed to fostering their education, friendships, and joyful experiences, ensuring their illnesses do not hinder their overall development. Presently, we operate a single house in Northcliff, serving children aged four to fourteen from various hospitals across the Johannesburg region. As a registered Section 21 (non-profit) organization, Marang House relies solely on external funding to provide these life-sustaining services.

Come and volunteer or In turn, supporting Marang House also provides a tax-deductible means, as well as BEE scorecard points. This appeals for sponsors to make a significant impact on the lives of South Africa’s seriously ill children